East Coast Rewards

Treat yourself by earning Points when you book online

Start turning your travel into treats with our loyalty scheme, Rewards. You’ll earn Points when you book online with us, even for journeys with other train operators, as long as you spend at least £22. You can spend your Points on everything from fine wines to free travel on our trains.

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Whether it’s something to enjoy on your next journey or a fun activity for when you arrive, there’s sure to be a reward for you. With free Wi-Fi or access to our First Class Lounges for just 50 Points, it won’t take you long to earn enough Points to treat yourself.

See how many Points you could earn in a year

Use our calculator to work out your potential Rewards Points over 12 months. See our Rewards terms & conditions.
Calculation is an indication only and is based on purchase over one year of tickets for travel on East Coast trains.