Our Passenger's Charter

At East Coast, we want you to know the level of service you can expect in all areas of our business, and what to do if it’s not up to scratch.

It’s why we publish our Passenger Charter. It sets out our commitments to our customers, the performance standards we aim for - and what you can do if you don’t think we’re achieving them.

Below is a summary of the key sections of our Passenger's Charter and relevant links for more information. You can also download our full Passenger's Charter.

Keeping you informed

Our commitment to provide clear, comprehensive and accurate information. The information we’ll provide before travelling with us and during your journey, and the range of information formats available, from website to station staff.

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If you need extra help

Our commitment to provide easy and convenient access to our service for all our customers. Also details of our dedicated Assisted Travel team, whose role it is to provide advice to customers who may need additional assistance to access all our services, from booking tickets to getting aboard, to making arrangements for onward travel.

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 and compensation

Our commitment to compensate passengers for inconvenience, whether through delays, cancellations or reservations we weren’t able to honour.
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