The East Coast experience

We do our best to make sure everything we do for you goes that bit further. Whether you’re travelling First Class or Standard, we want you to have a pleasurable experience from start to finish.

East Coast First Class

First Class travel

Discover how we make your experience First Class from beginning to end.

First Class Lounges

With our First Class Lounges you can enjoy the little luxuries of our First Class experience before you board. 

First Class complimentary dining

Discover the attention to detail that makes your dining experience First Class with East Coast. 

First Class menus

Explore our menus for a glimpse of what’s currently being savoured by our First Class customers. 

East Coast Standard

Standard travel

See what’s in store when you choose East Coast Standard travel.

Food & drink on board

Whet your appetite with a look at what we’re currently serving in Standard and First Class.

Our Wi-Fi service

Stay online the whole way there and back with our fast, reliable Wi-Fi.

Quiet Coach

If you want to concentrate or catch forty winks, we have more Quiet Coach seats than anyone else.

Our stations and beyond

Our stations

We make stops the length of the UK, including some of the nation’s most exciting places to visit.

Our destinations

Explore the whole East coastline with us, from stunning beaches to beautiful countryside and vibrant cities.

What do our customers say about us?

Hear what East Coast passengers have been saying online.

Our plans for improvements

We’re proud of what we’ve achieved in turning around the East Coast Main Line’s performance. But we know there’s more we can do to improve, and we have ambitious plans.