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Will I be charged when I collect my free tickets?

No, they're free! You'll only be charged if you're also buying additional tickets. But you'll still need a valid debit or credit card for security purposes. And you'll need your credit or debit card to collect your tickets from the self-service machine, if you've gone for Ticket on Departure.

How do I collect my Rewards tickets

Rewards tickets can be printed just like Self-Print tickets. If you choose to do this you'll need some personal ID information for the lead traveller when you book. If you choose 'Ticket on Departure', you'll need bring your eight-character alpha-numeric booking reference and a valid debit or credit card to the station. You can then collect your tickets from a ticket vending machine by inserting your card and entering the reference number on the screen. Your card won't be charged unless you included additional items (for instance, child tickets or London Travelcards) when you booked.

I'm having trouble booking a Free ticket. Who should I contact?

In the first instance, take a look at our guide to on how to book your tickets for pointers on where you might be going wrong. If you're still having trouble, get in touch with our web support team via the Contact Us page, or call them on 03457 225 111. The lines are open seven days a week Mon – Sat, 8am – 8pm (including bank holidays), and Sun 10am – 8pm.

The train journey I took with my Rewards free ticket was delayed or cancelled. Can I claim compensation?

Unfortunately not. If you're travelling on a Rewards free ticket, you can't claim compensation for delayed or cancelled trains.

The train I booked my Rewards free ticket on has been cancelled. What can I do?

You can use your free ticket on the next available East Coast train for your journey, but unfortunately we can't guarantee you a seat, or offer compensation for free tickets on delayed or cancelled trains. See the full terms and conditions for more details.

I've not received Points for a booking I made. Where are they?

It can take up to 2 months from the date of travel for your Rewards Points to appear in your account. 

I redeemed my Points against a free ticket but it hasn’t appeared in my account. Why?

Simply sign in to your Rewards account from the desktop version of our website. You'll see a box which says how many free tickets you have available to book.

Where can I use my free Rewards tickets?

You can use your Rewards tickets on any East Coast train, as long as there are free tickets available for that journey, and you're making your booking at least seven days in advance at

Why are there no seats available when I try to book a Rewards ticket?

It's probably because there are no free tickets available for the journey you're trying to book. There are only a certain number of free tickets for each journey. We allocate them on a first-come-first-served basis, so try changing the time or the date you want to travel to find a journey which still has free tickets available. The number of free seats varies from train to train, and also depends on the time of day. There are generally fewer at peak times and none at all at particularly busy times of the year, such as Christmas and Easter. If you're still having no luck, it's also worth checking that:

  • You’re booking your journey at least 7 days in advance
  • You’re choosing stations that are served by East Coast
  • You have enough vouchers to cover the booking

Can I change my free Rewards tickets after I've booked them?

No. Once you've made your booking you can't change your travel plans. If you end up not travelling for some reason, you can't get a refund on your ticket or your Points.

How do I change my Rewards contact details?

Sign in on the desktop version of the website then click on 'My Account' at the top of the screen. There you'll find everything you need to update your details.

Can I use my Rewards benefits with other train companies?

No you can't. You can only use your Rewards benefits with East Coast.

I have got a message to say my account is on hold. What does this mean?

It probably means that for some reason, the email address you registered at is not valid, so you need to change it. Sign in on the desktop version of the website then click on My Account at the top of the screen. There you'll find everything you need to update your details. If you have any difficulty, contact our web support team for help.

Can I book my free tickets by phone?

Unfortunately not. If you're booking a free ticket using your Rewards Points, you have to do it at

How do I use my Rewards eVouchers?

There's a step by step guide in the Rewards section of the site.

I buy a Season Ticket, which you can't buy online. Can I still earn Rewards Points?

Yes, you can still qualify for Rewards Points on eligible routes if you buy your Season Ticket through an East Coast Travel Centre. You could earn 0.5 Points per £1 spent on Standard Season Tickets and 1 Point per £1 spent on First Class Season Tickets. To find out more, take a look at our Rewards Points Guide, or pick up a leaflet in your local East Coast Travel Centre

How do I book my free train tickets?

After you have redeemed your free Rewards ticket:

  1. You can either book immediately, or come back at a later date.
  2. Visit, sign in and enter your journey details in the booking panel. Remember, the number of adult passengers can’t exceed the number of free tickets.
  3. Any available free tickets for your chosen journey time will show as £0. If you’re also booking child tickets, the price will be displayed - £5 for a Standard single and £10 for a First Class single. You can book up to three child tickets for every one adult free ticket.
  4. Once you’ve selected your tickets, follow the usual booking process through to check out. Remember to keep your booking confirmation safe as you’ll need it to collect your tickets.

What are the conditions of Rewards membership?

Our Rewards scheme is open to anyone who buys a ticket on our website, and it's free to join. One of the main conditions is that you opt in to receive marketing material from East Coast. If you opt out, you won't be able to sign up to the Rewards scheme. Take a look at the full terms and conditions for more information.

How do I log in to my East Coast Rewards account?

Assuming you've already registered as a Rewards member, simply visit the Rewards page on our website and click 'Sign In'. Once you've signed in, you can access your Rewards account summary in My Rewards. This is where you can see how many Points you have and redeem them on some of the fantastic money-saving deals and special offers available.

My Rewards free train ticket is showing on my Rewards account page as available to book, but when I go to book I can't see a £0 ticket among the ticket options?

Sorry about that. Have you checked:

  • You're signed in at
  • You are booking at least 7 days in advance
  • You have sufficient free Rewards tickets in your account
  • You've chosen stations served by East Coast
  • Remember, free tickets won't show up if you're only searching for child tickets. Or it could just be that there aren't any free tickets available for the journey or dates you've selected. If that's the case, the £0 voucher will be shaded grey.

What can I spend my Rewards Points on?

You can earn Rewards Points every time you book tickets online with us, even on journeys with other train operators. And you can spend them on treats or special offers from our ever-growing range of Rewards. Take a look at the Rewards page, there's bound to be a treat that's just right for you.

I have redeemed my Points for the wrong voucher and I would like to start this process again. Is there anything I can do?

Unfortunately, that's not possible. Once a reward has been chosen and redeemed, it can't be changed.

How do you earn Rewards Points?

Every time you spend at least £22 at, including our mobile site, you earn Rewards Points. For some tickets, there isn't even a minimum spend, so you earn Points straight away. You can find out more at the Rewards section of the website.

Do I have to complete my Free ticket journeys before the expiry date shown when I redeemed my Points?

No, the Free ticket expiry date is the date by which you need to book your travel. As long as you make the booking before the expiry date, your tickets will be valid.

How do I join East Coast Rewards?

It's easy. There are three ways to join:

  • 1) If you're already registered at and are opted in to receive special offers by email, just sign in to your East Coast account on the desktop site. Then visit the Rewards section and simply click 'Join now'.
  • 2) If you're already registered at but are NOT opted in to receive special offers by email, you'll need to sign in to your East Coast account, click on My Account, then My Details. Make sure you tick the boxes to ‘receive details of special offers and promotions’ and ‘to join East Coast Rewards.’
  • 3) If you're not registered, you'll need to register with East Coast and join Rewards at the same time. 

Can I book for additional people when I'm booking a free Rewards train ticket?

Yes you can, as long as you have enough free tickets in your account for all the people travelling. Additionally, up to two children under the age of 5 can travel free on each adult free ticket, but they won't be able to request seat reservations. If you're taking children over the age of 5, you'll need to buy a child ticket. These cost £5 for a Standard single ticket or £10 for a First Class single ticket. You can buy a maximum of 3 child tickets for every adult free ticket.

What is East Coast Rewards?

East Coast Rewards is our loyalty scheme. You earn points every time you book eligible tickets through our website. You can then exchange your Points for exclusive deals, promotions and money-saving offers. For most tickets, you have to spend at least £22 per booking to qualify for Rewards Points.

Can I get a refund for my Rewards ticket(s)?

Unfortunately not. You can find out more about what you can and can't do with Rewards tickets in the terms and conditions tab on the Rewards free East Coast Travel page here.

Can I earn Rewards Points on all my trips?

Yes you can, as long as the trip was booked on our website at Except for some East Coast tickets, you'll usually need to spend a minimum of £22 in a single transaction to qualify for Points.