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The UK is on the move: we are travelling further and more often than ever before. The way we choose to get from A to B makes a crucial environmental difference and taking the train instead of a domestic flight or driving has a significant carbon saving. We want to help people make transport decisions that not only benefit them financially, but are sustainable and low carbon.

Best Foot Forward compiled a report comparing the environmental impact of train, car and plane for specific routes on East Coast. These figures are calculated using specific load factors, fuel efficiency information and passenger loadings. As a result the figures can differ from the more generic results you may obtain from the typical carbon calculator which works by adopting an average figure of carbon emissions per mile. This gives a good indication of the carbon emissions, but it is a less precise figure.

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Your CO2 emissions savings

The chart below shows the amount of  CO2 emissions you will save if you travel by train, instead of a car or plane.

  • Car Kg CO2
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  • 0
  • Plane Kg CO2
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  • Saving Car Kg CO2
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  • Saving Plane Kg CO2
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The saving is equivalent to:

Car Plane
boiling kettles boiling kettles 0 0
hours of TV hours of TV 0 0
hours to power a house hours to power a house 0 0


The calculations are based on:

Car = 0.114kg CO2 / pass km. This is derived from the DEFRA CO2 emissions factor for an average petrol car which is 0.180kg CO2 / vehicle km and the average loading for a car: 1.6 people / journey (DfT).

Train = 0.052kg CO2 / pass km. This is derived from the DEFRA CO2 emissions factor