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General Ticket Information

For the best deals, and the widest choice, it pays to buy your ticket as far ahead of travelling as possible.  Seat reservations and many of our cheapest fares are usually are usually available about 12 weeks in advance.  Some tickets are restricted to travel at certain times of day, so please be sure to check the validity of the ticket you buy before you travel.

There are several ways to buy your ticket before you board:

Head online for the best deal

  • Only we sell our lowest fares
  • No booking fee
  • No debit or credit card charges
  • Choose your own seat with our interactive seat map

Buying your ticket online is fast, easy and great value.  You can search for all fare types and destinations and then collect your tickets at any time from an hour after making a reservation from the Self-service ticket vending machines. Print@ Home is also available with East Coast Advance tickets for added convenience. If travelling from Berwick to York, or York to Berwick, your Print@Home ticket can also be displayed on an iPhone. Click here for more details.

Please note, by purchasing any kind of electronic ticket, you agree to cooperate with the train inspector and let him/her clearly view the ticket on your mobile electronic device, and you accept that they may be required to hold your mobile electronic device to enable them to do this. If you do not produce your ticket or hand over your mobile electronic device upon a request to do so by the train inspector, or if any fault with the device means the ticket cannot be read, the train inspector shall be entitled to consider that you are travelling without a ticket.

Please note, when purchasing any kind of ticket using the print@home option, you must ensure that each ticket (one for each named passenger) is printed clearly, in portrait layout, on plain white A4 paper. If the ticket is printed in a different format, or the identification for the lead passenger doesn't match that specified during the purchase process, it will not be valid and a new ticket must be purchased.

Use our touch-screen self-service ticket vending machines

Self-service ticket vending machines are designed to make buying all types of tickets (other than First and Standard Advance tickets) to destinations across the entire rail network quicker and easier.

You can buy all tickets for immediate travel, or collect tickets booked in advance.  When you collect your pre-ordered ticket from the Self-service ticket vending machine please remember that you'll need to bring the card used to purchase the ticket. Please also ensure that you have collected all of your tickets from the machine.

Buying on board

 If the ticket office is open, you must buy a ticket before your board the train. Although we do sell tickets on our trains, only a restricted range of fares is available.  This is because we want to encourage people to buy before they board and so minimise fare evasion.

You will only be able to buy either First or Standard Anytime tickets, or First or Standard Anytime Day tickets, for single or return journeys.  Unless you have a Disabled Person's Railcard, no discounts will be available on any ticket bought on board.

If you are unable to buy a ticket because the ticket office is closed, or a self-service ticket machine that accepts cash is not available, you can board the train without a ticket and then buy one from the range of walk-up fares valid on that train. 

Ensuring you have a valid ticket for your journey

In the interests of safety, security and fairness to all our customers, only passengers in possession of a valid ticket may use our services. 

Please remember, if you are travelling with us, it is your responsibility to buy a valid ticket for the journey you are making and to board the correct train.  it is an offence to refuse to show your ticket and reservation, or to provide your name and address when asked to do so by and East Coast member of staff.

Don't forget that tickets bought with a Railcard are only valid if shown with a valid Railcard.  Please check your tickets and keep them safe, as lost or stolen tickets cannot be replaced.

We use automatic ticket gates or manual ticket checks at many of our stations, so please hang on to your ticket to exit the station.

General terms and conditions

All East Coast tickets are issued subject to terms and conditions as per the National Rail Conditions of Carriage available here.  Please read our terms and conditions below for ticket sales before booking.

Notes concerning all tickets

1. The outward half of a return ticket is only valid and only has any refund value if the unused return half is held.  Refunds cannot be made on outward portions where the return portion has been used.

2. One month means one calendar month - for example, if you travel out on 19 June, a one month ticket is valid until 18 July (inclusive).

3. Refund applications must be submitted within 28 days of the ticket's expiry date and may be subject to a £10 cancellation fee.  Find out if you are eligible for a refund.  Please read our Passenger's Charter for refund and compensation information. 

4. First Class. Not all train services run by other operators convey First Class accommodation. This is shown in their timetables. If you purchase a First Class ticket, then;

  • Where a whole connecting route is Standard Class only, in general this is taken into account in the through fare (between the stations shown on the ticket). Only one ticket, showing ‘First Class’, is issued for convenience;
  • Where some connecting trains on a route carry First Class and others do not, no refund will be made if you choose to travel on a connection which conveys only Standard Class accommodation for that portion of your journey.

Tickets are now available for travel up to and including

Sunday 16 November 2014

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