On Board Our Trains

Quiet coach

We have quiet coaches on all our trains for passengers who choose a more peaceful journey. These coaches provide a calm environment on board where you can work, relax or doze in peace. We request that people in the Quiet Coach are considerate to their fellow passengers by:

  • keeping noise to a minimum
  • putting mobile phones on silent or vibrate
  • taking phone calls in the vestibule
  • using headphones to listen to music or watch videos, with the volume on low
  • talking quietly.

If you do have to make that important call, please move into the vestibules before dialing or answering.

Look out for signs as you board the train for our designated Quiet Coach.

The Quiet coaches  are located in coach B in Standard Class and can be found in coach K on the Mallard electric trains and coach J on HST trains, in First Class.

Please note: If you are travelling on our direct service to and from Inverness, Aberdeen and London there are no electrical sockets available in the Quiet Coach.