Assisted Travel


Delays and alternative transport

If the train you are due to catch is seriously delayed, we will ensure you have a suitable place to wait in the station. We will also help you if there is a platform change.

If you are travelling on a train that is seriously delayed or cancelled before you reach your final destination (as shown on your train ticket) we will do our best to get you there by other means, either by arranging a seat for you on another train or by alternative transport suitable for your needs. If we still can’t get you to your final destination, we will get you as close as reasonably possible. Where necessary, we will arrange overnight hotel accommodation for you until we can get you to your final destination.

If you are travelling on a train operated by another train company which, because of disruption caused by circumstances within that company’s control, is unable to continue its journey that company will try to get you to your final destination by other means.

In some circumstances, according to the conditions set down in our Passenger's Charter, compensation and refunds will be available.

If services and facilities are unavailable

We do our best to ensure that the facilities you need to use on our services, such as lifts and call-for-assistance buttons, are in good working order. If they fail and cannot be repaired immediately, our Assisted Travel team will be informed of the problem and estimated repair time as soon as possible. We also pass this information on to other train operators. Wherever possible, we will offer other means of access or alternative transport free of charge.

We will consult the Department for Transport about any facilities we remove permanently and provide a suitable replacement. Very occasionally, trains may not have the anticipated wheelchair spaces or wheelchair-accessible toilets in place if, for example, the appropriate coach is not available. In the rare cases of wheelchair-accessible toilets not working, we’ll give you the option of catching a different train.

Emergency evacuation

Each station has an individual station evacuation plan that describes procedures to be adopted by employees in the event of fire, security alert or similar incidents. The plan defines specific responsibilities for each party involved in the emergency. Our people are trained in these procedures at induction training and subsequently through regular briefings. These plans will be regularly reviewed and we will endeavour to consult with appropriate disability groups.

Our on-train employees are trained in Emergency Evacuation procedures, including the evacuation of customers with disabilities. If you use a wheelchair, our normal policy is not to evacuate you until appropriate support is available unless you are in a life-threatening situation. Our plans will be subject to regular review in consultation with organisations representing the interests of people with disabilities.