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Feel at Home with East Coast

Welcome to our new winter menu – bringing you homely food favourites, award-winning cheeses and fine wines.

At East Coast, we do everything we can to make you feel at home on board. Our trains run from London to Edinburgh, travelling through the East Midlands, Yorkshire and the North East along the way, and whether you’re on a short commute or long journey, it’s important that you feel perfectly at home when travelling with us. 

In First Class you can enjoy complimentary food and drink, served to you in your comfy seat, and you can stay in touch with colleagues and friends using the free Wi-Fi. Plus, the extra legroom enables you to stretch out and relax. Our winter issue includes features from Yorkshire Baker and The Harrogate Sausage Co. - passionate about providing you with good-quality food, sourced from along our route. 

We hope you enjoy the new tastes of East Coast.

A taste of home...

We’re thrilled to show you our new menu, created especially to make our customers feel more at home when travelling with us.

It’s taken six months of hard work and has been an absolute pleasure to taste so many wonderful dishes along the way. We’ve visited many of our suppliers to gain a better understanding of how we get from the field to the plate and to make sure they have the same passion as we do to ensure the customer always comes first.

When we started, the main concept was to look at local, comforting, home cooked food but with a slight twist. The food had to come from suppliers that are local to the East Coast route whenever possible, with the emphasis firmly on sourcing the best quality ingredients.

Our award-winning wines and cheeses have all been carefully selected so they complement each dish on our evening menus. Along with this we have selected certain wines to harmonise with the cheese and create the perfect balance.

Having used highly regarded suppliers for many years, we are proud to announce that we have been awarded the ‘Good Egg’ award, along with the ‘Gold’ award for cheese. We’re hoping to add the ‘Good Chicken’ and ‘Good Pig’ awards to our list shortly. Watch this space!

We hope you enjoy discovering our new menu as much as we did creating it for you!

Please note, we aim to deliver our complimentary offer on all journeys. However we may substitute some items on the menu at our discretion. Items are offered subject to availability. On shorter journeys (of 70 minutes or less) we will endeavour to provide complimentary drinks and snacks and a reduced menu is offered at weekends and bank holidays.

Where to find our new complimentary food

You can download a timetable of where our First Class complimentary food service is available. The shaded areas show which trains have the service. Take a look at the menu rotation details here.

Our menus are changed on a weekly rotation. Please note: During Bank Holidays the Weekend Menu offers apply.

Brilliant bangers from The Harrogate Sausage Co.

Just down the road from the East Coast head office is The Harrogate Sausage Co, who are just one of the suppliers sourced from along our route. Proudly independent and run by the Keeble family, they have 1,000 acres of some of the best land in the county.

They’re Yorkshire through and through – using only outdoor-reared pork from the region to ensure that only the best goes into their products. They care about their farmers too, guaranteeing to pay a fair price for the pork.

The Keebles put a great deal of love into their sausages, making them in small batches to retain the quality they’ve become known for. Their dedication is clear from the first taste to the last bite! You can enjoy these simply super sausages either in the morning in our Great British breakfast or later on in our sausage, mash and onion gravy.

Lovingly handcrafted pastry by Yorkshire baker

Gill Regard, of Yorkshire Baker, has been baking proper, handcrafted food since 2008. As a farmer’s daughter and butcher by trade, a love of food and respect for ingredients has always been close to Gill’s heart.

Her quest for perfect pastry saw Gill teaching herself the traditional methods of making all butter pastry. Once she had mastered this time-honoured tradition and scoured the area for the finest ingredients, Gill began to make her very first sausage rolls, by hand of course.

In the early days every single sausage roll was expertly made by Gill’s own hands. But it wasn’t long before demand in the local area grew too much for Gill alone. So she set about building her team and teaching them her craft.

Today Gill and her team continue to maintain their passion for proper handcrafted food and their guiding principles have never changed:
ingredients are still sourced from the very best local producers and every product is lovingly handcrafted.

Discover for yourself the care and attention to detail that Gill and her team put into pastry by trying our steak and red wine pie and bacon and mushroom quiche.

The Perfect Couple

Sauvignon Blanc, Grand Sud
This appealing Sauvignon Blanc hails from the sun-kissed south of France. It is lemon yellow with a hint of green and has a delightful aroma of citrus fruit and white flowers on the nose. On the palate it is elegant, fresh and has a long lasting fruity and zingy citrus tang.

Verdejo, Conde de Albanes
An enticing Verdejo from the Rueda region of northern Spain, this young wine is a clear yellow green colour bursting with aromas of freshly cut green fruits, pears and a touch of spice. Smooth and creamy in the mouth, with essence of green apple, cantaloupe melon and a spritz of lime.

Cotes du Rhone, Maison du Chapelas
A blend of Syrah and Grenache make this Cotes du Rhone a refreshing fruity French wine. It is deeply coloured and has a subtle nose with fragrances of spices, mixed with aromas of ripe red fruits and blackcurrants. In the mouth the aromas develop and evolve to reveal a smooth finish.

Malbec Maison Belleroche
The grapes for this wine are grown in Cahors, a region in south west France known for its robust reds. It is almost black in colour, violet in some lights and has a nose of ripe blackberries, lush damsons and violets. In the mouth it has soft, juicy blackcurrant flavours bolstered by dark damson fruit, hints of chocolate and a pinch of exotic spices on the finish.

Cinsault /Grenache Rosé, Reserve de la Baume
Summery fresh with light salmon pink hues, this appealing rosé has a very expressive bouquet of ripe, fresh red fruits. A perfectly balanced wine where the flavour of freshly cut strawberries is warmed by a hint of spice.


Isle of White Blue
Award-winning and naturally rinded, this tangy but mellow blue cheese is made from Guernsey cows freely grazing in the Arreton Valley.

Coastal Cheddar
This authentic West Country cheddar captures all the characteristics of the World Heritage coastline that gives it a rugged texture, salty yet sweet flavour and sun-kissed golden hue. Its distinctive crunch comes from the calcium crystals that form naturally in the cheese once it has reached optimum maturity.

Wensleydale Blue
Handcrafted in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, Wensleydale Blue is a delicately flavoured, creamy blue cheese that has a mellow yet full flavour, which will appeal to newcomers to blue cheese and connoisseurs alike. A testimony to its quality was receiving Supreme Champion winner at the British Cheese Awards.

Belton Double Gloucester
Justin Beckett is a third-generation cheese maker on his family’s farm. Along with his team, Justin makes a Double Gloucester that has a clean, creamy, mellow flavour, using milk produced by Old Gloucester cattle.

Old Winchester
This artisan cheese is somewhere between a cheddar and a gouda. It has an element of creaminess, with a distinctive nutty flavour and a little crunch closer to the rind.

Burwood Bole
James McCall’s passion for cheese began in 1988, with a Saturday job at the renowned cheesemonger’s, James’s of Beckenham. Since then, James became a perfectionist, and could walk into a maturing room and know exactly what treatment each cheese needed. His Burwood Bole is an unpasteurised cows milk cheese with lemony undertones and a sweet, nutty taste.

Somerset Cheddarwith Somerset cider
Windyridge Cheese use some ofthe best West Country cheddar and add some of the finest Somerset cider to create a smooth mellow, slightly sweet taste with a real depth of flavour. 

Jervaulx Blue
First crafted in the 12th Century by the Cistercian monks of Jervaulx Abbey in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales. This cheese is still handcrafted to a time-honoured recipe using milk from local farms and carefully matured to develop a creamy blue textured cheese with a mellow, yet full flavour.

Please note, we aim to deliver our complimentary offer on all journeys. However we may substitute some items on the menu at our discretion. Items are offered subject to availability. On shorter journeys (of 70 minutes or less) we will endeavour to provide complimentary drinks and snacks.