Parking Penalty Notices

East Coast Main Line Company Ltd operates a parking penalty scheme to discourage indiscriminate parking and parking without payment. 

Why are Parking Penalty Notices issued?

East Coast Main Line Company Ltd operates a parking penalty scheme in order to discourage indiscriminate parking and parking without payment.

The parking tickets that East Coast issue are called Parking Penalty Notices (PPN). They are issued in accordance with Section 14 of the Railway Byelaws. They require you to pay a penalty, do not result in points on a driving licence, however, may result in a criminal record if the case is subsequently heard in the Magistrate’s Court or a judgment against you if heard in the County Court.

PPNs may be issued on roads within East Coast managed premises or in East Coast managed car parks.

Revenue Protection Support Services (RPSS) based in Portsmouth deal with the administration of the PPN scheme on behalf of East Coast. Prosecutions are dealt with by East Coast’s Prosecution Unit.

If you are issued a Parking Penalty Notice, do you need to pay immediately?

When issued with a PPN Notice you have 14 days to take advantage of paying the reduced penalty of £50.00. If not paid within this time the penalty increases to £100.00 which must be paid within 30 days of the PPN being issued.

How to pay for a Parking Penalty Notice

By Cheque or Postal Order made payable to Revenue Protection Support Services (RPSS), with your name, address, and PPN reference number (six digit number prefixed with ECP)  endorsed on the reverse and posted to:

Revenue Protection Support Services (RPSS)
PO Box 89

By Credit/Debit card - Telephone 0871 559 2997 within the 30 day deadline or you may accrue non refundable administration fees. Please note RPSS do not accept American Express or Diners Card

How can you appeal?

If you wish to dispute your liability to pay this penalty a statement giving an explanation must be sent to RPSS within 14 days. This appeals service is independent of East Coast and will consider your appeal based on the facts concerning the case.

Please note that appealing does not negate your liability to pay the amount owing within 30 days. If you fail to do this you may incur non refundable administration fees.

What to do if your appeal with Revenue Protection Support Services is not successful

If your appeal is unsuccessful and you wish to appeal further please contact Passenger Focus, an independent ombudsman, who will liaise directly with the Debt Recovery and Prosecutions Unit for East Coast Main Line.

Tel: 0300 123 2350
Passenger Focus
PO Box 5594
Southend on Sea

What to do if your appeal with Passenger Focus is not successful

Unfortunately, if your appeal is unsuccessful with Passenger Focus, East Coast Main Line have reviewed your case and made a final decision. If you are still unhappy with the decision, you may wish to seek legal advice.