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National Express and East Coast

The National Express Group and the East Coast Main Line Company

The current East Coast Main Line Company is supported by Directly Operated Railways (DOR), and is in public ownership. Following the privatisation of the railways in the 1990's by the government, and after GNER's franchise expired in 2006, East Coast was briefly run by the National Express Group, under the name National Express East Coast. However in July 2009, the National Express Group announced that it would not be able to financially support its East Coast franchise after the end of 2009. Therefore in November 2009 East Coast was handed back to the Department for Transport, and East Coast was no longer run by National Express (NXEC). It is now a new subsidiary called East Coast Main Line Company Ltd, or very simply, East Coast.

Travelling by East Coast rail is much more attractive to many people than coach journeys by road these days. Whether you are a frequent commuter journeying regularly between two stations, or a less frequent leisure passenger just off for a weekend city break, choosing to travel by train means you can enjoy plenty of benefits over travelling by coach. You'll enjoy more space to relax at your seat with your luggage close by, the option to walk around easily if you need to stretch your legs during a long journey, and be able to appreciate fantastic scenery through the windows on route.

Time-saving is also one of the top reasons to choose rail travel over coach and roads. You may also benefit from the trolley service or a CafeBar on most of the East Coast rail services, dispensing with the need for regular coach stops at expensive roadside motorway service stations. The added benefit of avoiding roads and potential road works blocked by busy traffic is also a factor in the decision. And, if you reserve a seat with a table you can also get on with some work using the on-board Wi-Fi. 

East Coast operates on routes totalling 936 miles, from London to Peterborough, the East Midlands, Leeds, York, Newcastle, Edinburgh and beyond to Aberdeen, Inverness and Glasgow.