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New ticket gates are being installed

Ticket gates are in operation at a number of East Coast stations: Grantham, Newark, Newcastle, Durham, Leeds and Darlington. We're pleased to announce that automatic ticket gates are also now in place at London King's Cross station. The gates have been installed at the arched entrance to Platforms 0,1,2,3,4 and 5 as part of the King's Cross development project.

Safe, secure and fair

We are committed to improving security and have installed CCTV cameras on our fleet and at our stations. The automatic ticket gates help us to reduce the number of people travelling without a ticket, improve security and discourage anti-social behaviour.

The gates will ensure that customers who buy the correct ticket will no longer be subsidising those who have not purchased tickets.

What’s more, to make travel simpler, the ticket gates also allow us to offer Print@ Home, saving you time at the station as you can print your ticket before setting off. The gates can read the magnetic strip on paper tickets or scan the bar-code on Print@ Home tickets. At London King's Cross and Leeds however, the gates cannot read the bar-code on Print@ Home tickets and customers need to use the manned gate to pass through.

Accessible to all

The ticket gates are built to the latest accessibility standards with extra wide gates to accommodate wheelchairs. As well as serving customers with disabilities, the gates are designed to ensure passengers with pushchairs, prams, small children or large amounts of luggage are not delayed. 

We’re here to help

Staff will be on duty whilst the gates are operating and will be happy to help you. If, in the unlikely event, no staff are available, all gates will be left open.

 Insert or scan?

All credit card sized travel tickets with a magnetic strip on the reverse can be used. Simply insert your ticket into the slot indicated. Some ticket type, such as the paper tickets have a barcode. Simply scan the barcode on the blue reader which is on the upright column.  .

Seek assistance?

If the gates don’t open, a message will be displayed telling you to ‘seek assistance’. Don’t worry, just ask a member of staff for help. If your ticket is not valid, then you will need to purchase a new ticket.    


Your guide to using the ticket gates 

Damaged ticket?

If your ticket is damaged or you hold a different ticket type with no magnetic strip or barcode, please ask a member of staff for assistance. If your Season Ticket becomes damaged, ask for a replacement at the ticket office where you originally purchased it.

Platform access

If you do not have a valid ticket for travel then under normal circumstances you will not be allowed access to the platform.

However, if you would like to see someone off, please speak to a member of staff. Platform access will be at the Station Manager’s discretion.

Five quick ticket gate tips

  1. Allow enough time to buy a ticket before you travel.
  2. Always have your ticket ready to insert into the gate.
  3. Once you have passed through the gates, there will be no return.
  4. Keep hold of your ticket until you have passed through your final destination.
  5. If in doubt, ask for assistance.