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Free travel easier than ever to find

It’s now easier than ever for members of our loyalty scheme, Rewards, to find East Coast services that give them free travel. It’s one of a series of improvements to the scheme recently introduced following feedback from members.

You can now use a new, time-saving availability tool to check if the service you want to travel on offers free Rewards tickets. If so, you simply redeem your Rewards Points and book your free ticket.

More flexibility
Another improvement to the scheme gives you more flexibility in redeeming your Points. Free tickets used to be available only for return journeys. Instead, they are now available for single journeys so if only one leg of your journey has free ticket availability, you can pay for the other leg rather than not being able to book it at all.

Get four tickets – and even better value
Redeeming 250 Points will give you a Standard Leisure single ticket and 450 points a First Class Leisure single ticket. You can obtain even greater value by claiming four single tickets in a single transaction – equivalent to a return ticket for two. These will cost 900 Points for four Standard singles and 1,400 Points for four First Class singles, saving you 100 Points and 400 Points respectively.

Collect your tickets at home
Another enhancement to the Rewards scheme is a new, convenient Print @Home option. If you prefer, you can still collect at a ticket on departure machine on the station or receive your tickets by post.

Cheers for the beers
Finally, the appointment of Beer Hawk of Harrogate as a Rewards partner means you can now exotic enjoy beers from around the world. Cases with eight, 15 and 24 bottles are available for 1,000, 1,500 and 2,100 Points respectively.

Not a Rewards member yet?
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